For many advisors, they may be successful in acquiring new prospects. Or, once advisors learn and execute a successful marketing engine producing more prospects, the next piece of the puzzle is closing business effectively and efficiently. Many advisors know they have the opportunity and ability to close more business; they just are not sure how.

Do you want to improve the percentage of prospects converted to clients?

If you had access to proven sales systems and trainings that allowed Ty Young to close hundreds of millions of dollars in annuity production, could you increase the number of people you are able to help? Could you increase the amount of business converted from written to paid production?

What if these systems were so simple you could begin executing these methods immediately?

Our partners have access to proven sales systems and training to increase the percentage of prospective clients. The simple fact is: the more business closed, the more people helped.

Our mission is to help advisors attain more business today, tomorrow and in the future. In turn, our partners will help more people in their communities and make a positive difference in their lives.